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Biosimilars Education Video Series

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) has been sharing research-based information and education on biosimilars since 2009. ACE’s biosimilars work has centred on a national dialogue with people with arthritis, healthcare professionals and policy makers in government and private health insurance. 

Biologic medications have been a treatment option for patients with inflammatory arthritis for the past 21 years. Today, there are biosimilar biologic ("biosimilar") versions of originator biologic ("originator") medicines that have lost patent protection. To receive Health Canada's authorization, a biosimilar must demonstrate that it is highly similar and has no clinically meaningful differences in safety and efficacy compared to the originator.

Biosimilars have been approved for use in Canada since 2009, and for use in inflammatory arthritis since 2014. There are currently 36 biosimilars approved by Health Canada.  The European Union (EU) approved the first biosimilar in 2006 and today totals 72 approved biosimilars. Based on scientific evidence and real-world data from Canada and the EU, rheumatologists across Canada are now regularly prescribing biosimilars for inflammatory arthritis patients newly started on adalimumab, infliximab, etanercept and rituximab; and in full consultation with their more experienced patients, beginning to transition them from the originator to its biosimilar.

Deciding on a treatment option is a crucial one and should be based on a discussion between the clinician and patient that takes into consideration benefits and risks, patient treatment goals and tolerance for side effects, accessibility of treatment and affordability. Patients who feel they understand their treatment option, who trust their healthcare professionals, and who understand that there is a support plan in place are likely to achieve better outcomes.

To help you understand biosimilars, ACE has created a special video education series of JointHealth™ Education – ACE, featuring medical experts answering key patient questions about biosimilar safety, efficacy and transitioning between similar biologic medications:

  • Video 1: What are biosimilars?
  • Video 2: Transitioning between originator biologics and biosimilar biologics
  • Video 3: The societal benefits of biosimilar biologics
  • Video 4: The rheumatologist-patient biosimilar biologics transition conversation
  • Video 5: Helping patients manage the transition between similar biologic medications

Special video education series of JointHealth™ Education

ACE thanks Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) for its scientific review of ACE and JointHealthTM information and programs.

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ACE thanks Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) for its scientific review of ACE and JointHealthTM information and programs.